Condensing Heat Recovery

Economizer solutions have long been used to harvest Btus that would otherwise go up the chimney. Waste heat recovery in a boiler as pre-warmed water, or for storage economizers, can often reduce fuel requirements by 5% to 10%, with the economizer solution paying for itself in less than two years.

Boiler & Water Heater Flue Systems

Enervex Northern California prides itself as the largest factory representative organization on the West Coast, focused 100% on venting; and we provide Categories I, II, III, and IV flue systems from multiple manufacturers. Site evaluation, code compliance review, and draft calculations are one of our specialties.

Chimney Automation Systems

State-of-the-art Enervex demand-controlled mechanical draft exhaust systems designed for commercial boilers and water heaters optimize any heating appliance’s efficiency by actively controlling draft. Its high temperature variable-speed draft fan and motor controls regulate draft by modulating the fan.

Emergency Generator Exhaust

We provide factory built exhaust systems that are tested and listed by the Underwriters’ Laboratories for use with medium heat equipment burning gas, liquid or solid fuels, as described in NFPA-37 and NFPA-211, which produce exhaust flue gas temperatures not exceeding 1400F under continuous operating conditions.

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